C.W. Chan & Co.

Professional team
We have a team of dedicated professionals who always provide legal services of both quality and benefit to business clients and the general public.

ChunWa Chan Solicitor

Graduated from the University of Hong Kong. He has been engaged in legal services for the past 27 years; he has focused on the fields of building sales and property management. In January 2021, it officially established its own law firm, committed to providing various legal services to all walks of life and individual clients. At present, Mr. Chan's main job is to handle legal affairs related to property management and construction projects, and he often represents some large property management companies and builders.


Iris Chong Assistant Solicitor

Iris completed Juris Doctor and Postgraduate Certificate in Laws at the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2015 and 2016, respectively. She was admitted as a Solicitor of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region in September 2018. In 2020, she obtained Master of Laws (LLM) degree at the University of Hong Kong. Iris joined S.K. Lam, Alfred Chan & Co as an Associate in 2019, and continued on with C.W. Chan & Co. in the same capacity. Her area of practice is mainly in civil litigation.


Cherry Lee Trainee Solicitor

After graduating from the University of Hong Kong with degrees in law and politics, Cherry joined Mr. C.W. Chan’s team as a Trainee Solicitor to develop her practice with an emphasis on civil litigation. Since then, she has been involved in cases concerning building management, defamation, personal injury and contractual disputes. She has assisted counsels at hearings in the Lands Tribunal, District Court and High Court.


Zhang Kan (Michael) Trainee Solicitor

Michael obtained a Master of Laws degree from the University of Hong Kong and a Juris Doctor degree from the City University of Hong Kong. He joined Mr. Chan’s team as a trainee solicitor. Before joining Mr. Chan’s team, Michael had about ten years of experience in the field of intellectual property in local law firms.


Sakura Cheung Paralegal

Sakura provided pro-bono legal services to the needy and disabled individuals under the Litigation-in-Person Scheme in the Bristol, United Kingdom while completing her Master’s in Law. She developed a wide range of client care skills in the process of appealing their entitlement to benefits against the decision of Social Security and Child Support Tribunal (UK).


Mr. Calvin Leung

Mr. Leung is our legal administrator in the Litigation Department. He has served many property management companies and represented management companies and corporations in the Small Claims Tribunal. He has experience in handling management fee arrears, negligence and insurance claims. His litigation work related to property management and illegal reconstruction, occupation of common areas, etc. He has a bachelor degree in business and management, and passed the Hong Kong Law Diploma from the University School of Professional and Continuing Education.